About Us

Aadi Nirbhavane

High School Student – Amity International School, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi.

Hello Aadi Nirbhavane this side. I am an enthusiastic high school student aiming to raise awareness about waste food management in the society. Being sensitive towards the society, I am deeply concerned about the food that gets wasted whereas my brothers and sisters are hungry. From spreading awareness about the issue to devising a solution to this problem, I have come to realize that zero waste lifestyle is the need of the time. I am inspired by people like Bea Johnson that brought positive change and raised awareness about this issues.

On Many Occasions, I found that various restaurants, banquets and individuals wish to donate the surplus food to the needy and hungry, but they just don’t have feasible options for pickup and delivery. Similarly, many NGOs are looking for the donors to donate food. Therefore, I envisioned developing a platform where the donors and NGOs collaborate and commit to the cause of No Waste-No Hunger.

I Am a Firm believer of collaborated effort to bring positive impact on a global level.